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Tent Rentals
Tents and temporary structures offer a practical and ideal venue option for celebrations of all kinds—from weddings and showers, to birthdays, mitzvahs, galas and more. The possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to tented spaces, which offer a “blank slate” for event design and layout. Whether your gathering is an intimate dinner for 10 or a celebration for 250 or more, there are a variety of ways to customize your tented space and provide a unique, al fresco-style experience for your guests.

“A tent provides our clients with a blank slate, offering countless options when it comes to introducing décor and design elements, which makes it great for creating a dream space, especially for a wedding,” says Tent Sales Consultant Ryan Leary.

“Allow yourself to think outside the box—literally,” advises Tarryn Prosper, Senior Director of Tent Sales at PEAK. “Tents come in unique configurations and sizes such as with rounded ends and bump outs. A smaller guest count can allow for a unique configuration such as a collection of smaller round tents. Or, we can help create a customized installation at a meaningful location like a backyard at a family summer home, a beach, or other property.”

Our knowledge of custom builds and depth of inventory makes PEAK the leading temporary structure resource in the North East. Whether you need assistance for a community event activation, commercial construction project, sporting event or emergency response, we understand each and every project is different, with unique challenges, timelines and needs. That’s why we offer 24/7 support and rapid-response installations, ensuring your build gets off the ground when you need it most.

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