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An exciting new trend is emerging, creating elegance for any outdoor event. More and more of our clients are increasingly finding that flooring the complete area of the tent is resulting in an extremely pleasing effect. Having a full hardwood floor under the tent creates a spectacular space that is absolutely exquisite and unique.

Most rental companies use 3’ x 3’ parquet flooring squares, which are designed to be installed on a flat concrete surface or wooden subfloor, similar to an inside ballroom. Newport Tent custom makes its floor panels to be used in outdoor areas, as it can be leveled on any surface, regardless of how uneven. We also offer ultra-deck, which is gray plastic flooring that offers grass protection for more informal events. If you are interested in indoor flooring, please contact us to see what we have suitable for your event.

Whether you prefer to floor the entire tent or simply prefer a place for dancing, this flooring can be designed to fit any space you are envisioning and built to any size you need.

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