Tent Profile: Kedered Frame Tents

Available in our custom-made solid or clear tops, Kedered Frame Tents offer unique configurations and customizations, including rounded ends. Perfect for those desiring a minimalist or modern aesthetic, these tents are constructed without center poles, allowing for an open floor plan. Versatile and available in a variety of sizes, Frame Tents can be weighted or staked to fit a variety of locations and event needs.

New for 2022-2023, we now offer our Kedered Frame Tents with Black Facing!


  • Can be staked into the ground or weighted
  • Unobstructed interiors with tops available in clear, white, or custom colors
  • Unmatched versatility with size and shape options to fit almost any footprint
  • Tent tops and walls integrate into the tent frame to provide a more weather-resistant, temperature controlled product than most alternatives available on the market

Pictured Tent: 15W Solid Top Frame Tents with White Draping. These tents were used for the ceremony and reception of a private estate micro-wedding.

Pictured Tent: Clear Top Frame Tent with Custom Hardwood Flooring and White Draping

Pictured Tent: Clear Top Kedered Frame Tent with Hardwood Floor, White Sheer Upright Covers, Cable Railing & Twinkle Lights

Pictured Tent: (TOP) Clear Top Kedered Frame Tent with Hardwood Floor; (BOTTOM) Clear Top Kedered Frame Tent with Twinkle Lights

Pictured Tents: (LEFT + TOP RIGHT) Clear Top Kedered Frame Tent with Twinkle Lights; (BOTTOM RIGHT) Clear Top Kedered Frame Tent with Hardwood Floors + Twinkle Lights

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